Main purpose of Suggested Movies is to suggest fast and quality movies to who are bored and wants to watch a movie. Users can see trailer, poster, writers and directors, cast, overview, release date and a lot of other details of a movie which they are suggested or which they browse. By using these information, users may evaluate the movie and, using links which can be found on the movie's page, he/she may download it and find subtitles for it. Using links placed at the top of the site, users may browse an updated-every-day list of popular movies, top movies and movies in theaters.

Suggested Movies saves movies which are suggested to users in order not to suggest a movie twice, to suggest a new movie every time, and to provide users with a list of movies which they are suggested. If a user is not logged in, movies which are suggested to the user are saved to the user's computer with the help of cookies. Users can delete a movie or all of the movies from the list of suggested movies any time. Movies which are suggested to logged-in users are kept in database. Hence, as long as users get suggestions as logged in, they are not suggested the same movie twice, regardless of platform they use to browse the site.

Registered users can give ratings to movies out of 5 points and can add any movie to their watchlist. They can remove their ratings from the movies they rated, as well as they can remove a movie from their watchlist. Main reason of Suggested Movies requesting users to rate movies is to make smart suggestions to users when there is enough data collected. Users can access movies which they rated and which are in their watchlist, change profile picture, email and password from their control panel. If they want, they can apply to become a blog writer. Users whose applications are approved can add blog posts and upload visual media to the site. Users cannot edit or delete their blog posts after they are approved.

Each user who is registered to the site has a public profile page. This page includes the user's blog posts and statistics, and visual media uploaded by the user.

Suggested Movies is found in order to make quality movie suggestions and to provide users who are interested in movies with a quality platform with the help of blog posts written by quailified writers.

We wish to find movies you like together.

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